annaouise-paul-classes Annalouise Paul | Theatre of Rhythm and Dance join us on : ¡Flamenco Is Not A Bird!  Flamenco for Schools ¡Flamenco Is Not A Bird!  is a fun, fast and interactive school show for students  from K-12! At times mistakenly called flamingo...this vibrant show traces  Spanish flamenco from its Gypsy roots back to Indian, Arabic and Jewish  rhythms, songs and dances. Students and teachers will enjoy and learn a wide  range of Syllabus aims in Creative Arts, English, PDHPE, History and Maths.  Ready-to-go teachers packs are available and at Q & A time find out even more  about this beautiful cross cultural art form and get to know two professional  performers!  Performances can be  incorporated into broader school projects e.g. Fitness and Mental Health  Programs, Eisteddfods, Multicultural Education, Harmony Day. The students were very happy and excited! It was very entertaining and relevant to the classroom lesson. Clare Catholic High School PRIVATE CLASSES by arrangement please contact us Beginners Flamenco for Adults Class focus is on alignment and safe dance practise, musicality and rhythm based techniques and a fundamental understanding of flamenco art. This is ideal for those with some previous dance training who wish to broaden their understanding of rhythm, coordination and flamenco from a contemporary approach. Flamenco for Cuban and Belly Dancers  Workshops specifically for Oriental and Tribal dancers wishing increase their knowledge of flamenco to add to their own skills set. Working in bare feet with minimal footwork the focus is on flamenco upper body, arms and expression building toward a short choreography