Annalouise Paul | Theatre of Rhythm and Dance join us on : Work in development Self Portrait examines my personal and dance ancestries in India, through flamenco’s roots in Gypsy Kathak dance and Sephardi poetry and of my fathers’ ancestry, a Sephardi Jew of Kolkata. It explores ideas about multilayered identities using flamenco-contemporary dance languages with Indian rhythm, spoken word and multimedia. It tells a danced narrative weaving threads of my personal life into character sketches to explore ideas about multiple and hidden identities. Photo Credit: Christophus Verheyden Spoken word text written by Jane Harrison, script dramaturgy by Kristine Landon Smith, initial music score by Marianthe Loucataris. Self Portrait has been supported by Blacktown Arts Centre, Merrigong Theatre Company and Imagine Platform ‘On the Cusp’.