annalouise-paul-research Researching cultural content at an essential level has fuelled the continued support of grants and residencies to investigate traditional and contemporary cross cultural practice and deepen the dialogue between dancers and musicians with recent works presented by Theatre of Rhythm and Dance. Annalouise received a scholarship to participate in cross cultural workshops with Peter Badejo (Nigeria) and Karunakaram (India) as an emerging artist and this was a catalyst for the cross pollination of her flamenco and contemporary movement, and ideas for improvising with musicians. Funding and support is gratefully acknowledged from current and previous government and private sponsors. Practice-based research - The identity and character of traditional rhythms and contemporary dance - The dialogue between dancer and musician in live performance - Improvisation vs. compositional tools used in traditional dance and music - Investigation and creation of cultural hybrid forms in a laboratory environment Annalouise Paul | Theatre of Rhythm and Dance join us on :