Annalouise Paul | Theatre of Rhythm and Dance join us on : Photography: Shane Rozario   A dynamic feast of dance, rhythm, sacred geometry and body percussion.  Talented choreographer and company director Annalouise Paul, has delivered a polished and innovative work that explores racial identity and discord from an all seeing, wide angled perspective....eclectic, thought provoking and striking...     A brilliant production that brought me in touch with the earth’s texture! Mother Tongue shows the  world as it now surrounds us.   Mankind gains strength and  direction from its traditions...  to co-exist, to breathe, to  survive - we constantly go  back to our roots and come  forward to  reform, to be  reborn. It is a language  we speak with our bodies, it is  a dance, it is a song, it is a  beat, it is a battle and a  game, a series of offers of  how we might be. With Andrea Adidi, Geraldine Balcazar, Aletta Fauzi, Lucky Lartey, Gregory Lorenzutti, Govind Pillai. Original music Tim Foley, Greg Sheehan Light Toby K, Costume Tobhiyah Feller, Art Saranjit Birdi