annalouise-paul-isabel 1492, Granada. Isabel prepares for her imminent self-coronation. Practicing her public speech, she battles with deep emotions her conscience takes over revealing horrific truths about her people and herself. Isabel is resolute, she must shut out her mind, thoughts and humanity, so that God's will be done. “Profound with an uncanny parallel to recent history, world powers dominating in the name of truth and order”... Isabel is a fictional portrayal of Queen Isabel ‘La Catolica’. Spain’s most revered royal who conquered the Arabs, championed the Spanish Inquisition and founded America through financing Columbus on his most famous discovery - and saw Spain become world leader of the ‘Golden Age’ © Shane Rozario Annalouise Paul | Theatre of Rhythm and Dance join us on : Original music score is flamenco and Indian rhythms, contemporary and flamenco dance, Indian mudras and spoken word. Devised and performed by Annalouise Paul, Bobby Singh and Robbie Varga. “A combustive contemplative and intense piece showing immense concentration, heat and energy... a breathless performance leaving the audience reflective and in awe” India Downunder