annalouise-paul-gameon Annalouise Paul | Theatre of Rhythm and Dance join us on : An amazing conversation between two fundamentally contrasting art forms which had the space to portray their own characteristics, explore unlikely commonality and parallels pushing the boundaries of our perception. Indus Age Game On is a testament to choreographer Annalouise Paul’s  extraordinary ability to unleash power from raw movement,  rhythm, and at many times, silence alone. A power that kept me  mesmerised on the edge of my seat for an entire forty  minutes.......Hats off to Singh and Wheen who take complete  credit for captivating their audience from start to finish. Dance Hub  What do you get when you cross an Indian musician, a 3000 year-old instrument and one young Australian dancer? An utterly stunned audience. In Game On, communication fails when virtuosity and tricks take over and the audience is lured into a bid for music vs. dance, east vs. west and winning vs. playing by the rules. So what does it take to really know another culture? Game On is an unadorned interplay between two finely skilled artists, Miranda Wheen, contemporary dancer and Aria award winner, Bobby Singh on classical Indian tabla.