annalouise-paul-flamencored1 El Arte flamenco has no boundaries in our modern day. Keep dancing you have a lot to tell, love Antonio Flamenco Red offers the very best of ‘flamenco arte’ in Sydney with the freshest line up of talented dancers, musicians and singers to provide tailor- made entertainment for events, concerts and festivals. Previous clients include Café Carnivale, Spanish Quarter Festival, Australian Dance Awards, Opera Australia, NSW Tourism Awards, The Rocks Aroma Coffee Festival and the Australian Premiere of “Puss In Boots” at Fox Studios with stars Antonio Banderas and Selma Hayek joining us in a dance! Bring joy, passion and beauty to your event contact us now for prices and more info on how we can tailor the show to suit your needs. What is Flamenco? Flamenco originates in Andalusia, Spain. Its roots lie deep in Arabic, Sephardic and Indian dances, rhythm and melodies but it is the Spanish Gypsies who have kept the tradition and move it forward today. Annalouise studied flamenco dance from maestros La Tati, Manolo Marin, Domingo Ortega and Alfonso Losa with intensive periods in Madrid and Seville. She has danced for Antonio Vargas Flamenco Theatre, Carlos Fiesta Flamenca, Entertainment Max and founded Flamenco Red in 2006. Annalouise Paul | Theatre of Rhythm and Dance join us on : © Danny Aarons   Antonio Banderas and Annalouise Paul dance flamenco at Australian Premiere of 'Puss In Boots' at Fox Studios! The Rocks Aroma Coffee Festival, Australian Dance Awards and more..